What Paint Goes With A Brown Roof

A brown roof can be a great way to add some contrast and character to your home. However, it can be difficult to know what color of paint you should use for the rest of the house to complement it. The good news is that several colors will look great with a brown roof, so you’ll have plenty of options when deciding on a hue. 

Color Considerations: Contrast & Complement 

When selecting the paint color to match a dark brown roof, there are many factors to consider to create a beautiful and cohesive look. One of these factors is contrast and complement. 

Contrast is when two colors are placed next to each other, creating an effective visual effect. 

Complementary colors, on the other hand, create harmony when placed next to each other, making them perfect for creating a cohesive look. When it comes to using brown for your roofing color choice, several considerations should be taken into account when choosing what colors will work best with it. 

For example, if you’re looking for contrast, pairing light gray or white walls with a brown roof will provide enough visual interest while still maintaining balance in the home’s design scheme.

What colors go with a brown roof? 

Neutrals: Gray & White

Make a great combination when used together in home decor. Whether you are looking to give your room a modern feel with industrial greys or an airy look with subtle whites, these colors will create the perfect ambiance for any room in your house. When used together, gray and white work especially well on exteriors of homes – for example, if you have a brown roof then adding neutral shades of gray paint can bring out the beauty of the roof and help it stand out from the rest of your house’s exterior. 

The addition of a brown roof can enhance the depth created by grey and white, adding a touch of warmth to the space. This combination can be particularly effective in contemporary designs, where clean lines and minimalist aesthetics are prioritized.

Earth Tones: Tan & Beige

Another earth tone that works well for roofing is brown. A dark brown roof can add warmth and richness to a home’s exterior, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. This is especially true when paired with other natural materials like wood or stone. Whether it’s a light tan or a deep chocolate brown, this color can add a touch of elegance to any style of home.

A brown roof is a perfect way to bring out the warm earthy shades of tan and beige on your home’s exterior. This combination will create an atmosphere of relaxed sophistication while still being low maintenance and easy to care for. Brown shingles also offer excellent protection from inclement weather while looking great when paired with tan or beige wall colors or trim work. Not only that, but they come in a range of styles so you can choose just the right one for your home’s particular aesthetic.

Accents & Bold Colors: Red & Blue

Accents and bold colors are a great way to give a home an instant facelift. Red and sky blue are two of the most popular hues when it comes to making a statement with your exterior. When paired together, they create an eye-catching modern color scheme that is sure to draw attention. Adding a brown roof can enhance this look even further, creating balance and warmth while still maintaining the contrast between the two colors.

By utilizing different shades of red and sky blue, homeowners can ensure their unique style is reflected in their home’s exterior design. Whether you opt for painted shutters or vinyl siding, there are plenty of ways to incorporate both shades into your overall aesthetic. For example, bright cobalt blue shutters against deep red walls will provide an intriguing contrast that can be highlighted by adding warm-toned brown roofing shingles on top.

Darker Colors: Charcoal & Black

The combination of charcoal and black works well in both classic and contemporary spaces alike. For example, adding a brown roof to the house can help bring out the subtle hues of charcoal while also allowing black to take center stage. The result is an edgy look that is perfect for modern homes or businesses looking to make a statement.

Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Color

Choosing the right color to paint the brown roofs that combine with it house and roof color can be overwhelming, but there are some tips you can follow to make the process easier:

 Consider the Style of Your Home

The style of your home can influence the color choices that work best with brown roofs. Traditional or colonial-style homes may look best with neutral or earthy colors, while modern or contemporary homes may enjoy bolder, more vibrant colors.

 Look at the Undertones of the Roof

When choosing a color to paint a house with brown, it’s important to consider the undertones of the dark brown roof. Some brown roofs have warm undertones, while others have cool undertones. Choosing a paint color with the same undertones can create a cohesive and harmonious look.

 Look at Your Surroundings

Brown roofs can also work well with natural surroundings. A brown roof can complement earthy tones and greenery, providing a cohesive look to your home’s exterior. On the other hand, if your home is located in a more urban area, a grey or black roof can give it a modern, sleek look.

 Use Paint Samples

Always use paint samples to paint a house with brown before making a final decision. Paint can look different under different lighting conditions, so it’s important to test the color in natural light and at different times of the day.

Tips for Creating Contrast

If you’re looking to create contrast with your brown roofs, there are some more tips to consider:

 Use Lighter Colors

Using lighter colors for your home’s exterior can create contrast with a brown roof. Light beige, cream, or gray can create a crisp and clean look that highlights the natural beauty of the roof.

 Add Accents

Adding accents in a contrasting color can help to break up the monotony of a brown roof. For example, if you choose a beige or cream color for your home’s exterior, consider adding black shutters or a red front door to create a pop of color.

 Choose a Darker Color

Choosing a darker color for your house with brown can also create contrast with a brown roof. Dark blue or green can create a sophisticated and dramatic look that makes the brown roof stand out

In conclusion, choosing the right paint color to complement a brown roof can be a challenge, but there are many options to consider. By considering the style of your