Kitchen Cabinet Painters

The kitchen is the heart of any home. So updating it brings more value than just aesthetics, including improved function, matching your new style, and boosting your home’s resale value.

Kitchen Cabinet Painters

Part of a good kitchen remodel includes working on cabinetry. While replacing them is an option, painting them is an even better option. Inti Painting provides kitchen cabinet painting services to help improve and spruce up the kitchen without replacing anything aside from the cabinet’s color. You’ll create a new space for relaxing, cooking, and eating by changing the cabinet colors.

We can stain or paint your cabinets to match the vision you have for the new kitchen. And if you aren’t ready for a complete kitchen remodel or the cabinets are still in pristine condition, we recommend refinishing instead of replacing them. We can re-stain, repaint or refinish almost any cabinet surface to give your kitchen a new look in a short time.  

Alternatively, we can convert stained cabinets into painted surfaces. And given our experience in the space, we can provide great advice on the ideal color for your space based on the look and feel you want to achieve.

Why Inti Painting?

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Spruce your Kitchen at a fraction of the cabinet replacement

Kitchen remodeling isn’t easy on the pocket. On average, it costs homeowners $25,000 to do it right. In comparison, kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing costs about $2,000. 

Replacing the cabinets only can cost anywhere between $2,000 and $24,000. This means that cost of cabinet replacements can cost as much as a kitchen renovation. While the cost of kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing depends on the size of your kitchen, the difference is usually too big.  

Now, most people are skeptical about the change painting or refinishing cabinets can have. But picture this, a kitchen with dark stained cabinets and another with vibrant colors. The latter is brighter, showcases your personality, and makes the space fun. 

Durable and long-lasting finishes

Our painters at Inti Painting take pride in giving kitchen cabinets a fresh and durable look. To achieve this, we use high-quality and durable paint products. 

We offer a wide range of paints to choose from. For instance, we have pet and kid-friendly paint, which is super durable. And despite our experience, we prefer working with the client to achieve a look they need. As such, we take time to listen and imagine the client’s goals. 

How long does Kitchen cabinet painting take?

We understand how important your kitchen is, and we wouldn’t like to take ages on the project. After consultations, we communicate clear deadlines. And during the project, we update our clients on the project progress and ETA. 

As for how long it takes, unfortunately, we cannot disclose this as kitchen cabinet painting projects vary depending on the surface’s size and the existing cabinet finish. However, we strive to do the job fast.

Can my kitchen cabinets be painted? 

This is a common question to which we say yes. We can sand and paint almost all wooden cabinets, including compressed woods and MDF. Moreover, we can work on metal cabinets.

If you are unsure if your cabinets can be painted, contact us for a free no-obligation consultation.

Our Process

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Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Goldie Wyatt
Goldie Wyatt
We used Inti Painting to paint the ceiling of our condo before we put it on the market and they did a great job. Super responsive and took care of everything. Seems to be a great solution for any move-in or move-out home painting as they were quick to accommodate our timeline. I would definitely hire them again!
Cheryl Harris
Cheryl Harris
We had a great experience with Inti Painting. It was easy to get a quote and we had painters out in just a few days. Joffre´s workmanship was top notch and the job was completed in a professional and efficient manner. Highly recommended. Thank you!
Mort Nicholsen
Mort Nicholsen
Couldn't be happier with final results. They are simply the best interior painters I have had in years. Friend of mine recommended me Inti Painting. Jhonny and Joffre were very professional, on time and have a crew of professional painters. They gave me advice on color, texture and brand to use. I am so very happy with this company and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a top quality painting job at a fair price.
Kendra Hazelrigg
Kendra Hazelrigg
Highly recommend the team at Inti Painting. They were always responsive and professional from start to finish. We had some damaged drywall as well as a ceiling that needed repair. They fixed everything the right way and it looks like new. We had two rooms and a hallway painted and also had wallpaper removed. I would highly recommend Inti Painting to anyone looking for a topnotch paint job in connecticut.
Ettie Duggins
Ettie Duggins
Inti Painting did a great roof pressure washing on my house. Each step was quick and easy, from the estimate to the price and scheduling. They were quick to reply and easy to communicate with throughout the process. Happy customers and highly recommend them.
Heather McDowell
Heather McDowell
This company is the best in pressure washing. We experienced complete satisfaction from the estimate to final execution. Their detailed communication on what to expect, how to prepare, time of arrival, & payment process was streamlined to perfection. I will keep their magnet on my refrigerator to call them back in the future! Thank you!
Eric Rowe
Eric Rowe
Did an amazing job. Great communication and great job overall. Would definitely recommend them for all interior and exterior painting. Our place looks new! Thanks again, guys!
Steven Taylor
Steven Taylor
Inti Painting did a remarkable job on the exterior painting of our house. From the estimate through the completion of the project every person we met had excellent workmanship, and we enjoyed working with them. They painters were highly skilled, meticulous and dedicated from start to finish. They were also punctual, courteous, friendly, and well responsive. Overall, we had a superior experience with Inti Painting of Stamford and will highly recommend them to friends and neighbors!
Steven Hopkins
Steven Hopkins
Inti Painting is a very professional painting company. They painted my condo in Stamford. They did an amazing job! Very neat, fast and quality work. Also the price was fair as they used benjamin moore paints. Highly recommended!

Let's Work Together

If you are in search of the best painting company near, look no further than Inti Painting. Contact us for a quick free estimate and consultation.

Why should you hire us?

Many contractors see the benefit cabinet painting offers over cabinet replacement. So instead of making claims, how about we detail reasons that help us stand out and why you should work with us.  

  • Well-trained and professional painters 

When choosing the best contractor for the job, you should pick one that invests in its employees. Our painters are constantly in training learning new trade techniques and customer service skills. We also make a point of retaining talent and do not subcontract our work. 

  • We use the best paints

Having years of experience in the industry, we can see through the marketing gimmicks paint companies use to sell products. We only use paint products that are tried and tested.

  • Professional paint consultation

Knowing it’s time for a kitchen remodeling doesn’t mean you know what designs and colors to incorporate. And even if you have a rough idea, getting professional advice on what colors work best together doesn’t hurt.

We offer paint color consultations and suggest the best color schemes to match your current décor, and advise you on the latest color and paint pattern trends.  

  • Licensed

We strive to comply with local laws to ensure that your home is protected in case of an emergency. 

  • Customer satisfaction

Often professionals are engrossed in their knowledge of the industry and profession that they forget to engage the client and guide them through the process. In this light, Inti Painting is different. We do our best to keep our clients in the loop and ensure they understand what we do. We include you in the decision-making process, and you retain control of the project.

Choosing the best cabinet paint color

  • Consider the style of your cabinets

If your kitchen sports a traditional design, the whites and creams will look great. However, if you have a modern kitchen, you have a little wiggle room with the color palette. You can use contrasting tones to achieve a great design. 

  • Size

Is your kitchen small or big? Does it receive ample light? These considerations are important because the color you choose can either oppress or enhance your kitchen’s look. Lighter colors are great for small, not-so-well lit kitchens, while dark colors are perfect for larger, well-lit kitchens. 

  • Do you intend to sell?

At times, it’s impossible to know how long you will stay in your current home. But if the intention is to sell your home at some point, then using neutral colors is great since they appeal to a wider audience.

  • Create contrast

Contrast can work to your advantage. Black paired with lighter colors look great.

  • Use multiple colors

If you can decide on one color, combine several to make a bold and playful statement. Pair a bold color with neutral colors. Though bold colors are great, use them sparingly. 

Revamp your kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinet painting is a personal process, and we’d love to help you with it. Our team is well trained and skilled in re-staining and repainting cabinets. Moreover, we have a client-focused to ensure quality service delivery in a short time.