Commercial Painting

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Commercial Painting

First impressions are everything, especially in a business. Peeling exterior paint and interior paint, outdated colors, dull finishes, and an ugly curb appeal can ruin your business’ reputation. Luckily, you can tip the scales in your favor by installing a fresh coat of interior and exterior paint in your building. Even a simple color change will improve the value and look of your property for many years to come. 

But to reap the benefits of commercial painting, you’ve got to use a professional commercial painting company like Inti Painting. You can rely on our full spectrum commercial painting services to deliver quality workmanship and service using high-quality and safe materials. 

Why Inti Painting?

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Why Repaint Your Commercial Business?

To improve foot traffic

We are all attracted to buildings that are well kept and modern than those that are run down. Suppose you rely on walk-in customers, your building’s first impression matters. The interior paint encourages customers to remain in your space longer. But even if your business doesn’t rely on customers popping in, a fresh coat of paint will leave a lasting impression.  

To rebrand

As your business evolves, you may need to redesign your website, update your logo or create new signage. It also includes environmental branding, which dictates the furniture, textures, and colors you use. 

To change the mood of your business

The colors you use on the walls determine the mood of your business. They’ll influence how your employees feel and help them focus. Colors can also create a psychological response in your customers. For instance:

  • Black shows authority, power, and strength
  • White gives a sense of neutrality, cleanliness, and purity
  • Red denotes urgency
  • Gray gives the feeling of solidarity

Eliminate paint damage

Signs of paint damage reflect poorly on your business. Despite exterior paint being durable and weather resistant, it needs touchups and maintenance to prevent cracking and blistering. If you notice these on the exterior, it’s time to reapply. 

Adhere to regulations

If your office building was constructed before 1978, it might have lead paint. Any renovation may release dangerous lead dust into the air. So before completing renovations, you may have to eliminate lead paint first.

Why should you hire a professional commercial painting contractor?

Sound Knowledge

Professional commercial painting companies bring a wealth of knowledge to the project. Their experience with different colors and the best types of paint to use on the project is invaluable. Aside from color and paint type consultation, they ensure you know exactly what type of paint will go on your wall and what to expect. Finally, their experience affords them insight into paint project tips and tricks for quick and efficient service. 

Methodical approach

With a professional commercial painting contractor on your corner, you don’t have to worry about ending up with shoddy work. Professionals adhere to a methodical approach that they’ve honed from handling numerous commercial painting projects. Their approach ensures delivery of service and results, as explained. No part of your business building is forgotten or overlooked. The methodical approach ensures quality paintwork across the property even when different painters handle the project. 

Modern tools and equipment

Technology change is a constant you can depend on. This rings true in the painting industry. To constantly deliver top-notch service and yield excellent results, professional painters change and adapt to the technology. They are armed with high-tech tools and equipment that ensure the project progresses smoothly and quickly.  

Residential vs. Commercial painting

We offer both commercial and residential painting services. However, some companies position themselves as either. With a commercial painting project, it’s imperative to hire a commercial painting contractor and not a residential painting company. 

The two projects need different skillsets and tools. The sheer size of commercial buildings complicates the project, not to mention the presence of inventory, employees, and customer spaces. On the flip side, residential painting projects come with their fair share of challenges, including color choices and the effect they have.

Our Process

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Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Goldie Wyatt
Goldie Wyatt
We used Inti Painting to paint the ceiling of our condo before we put it on the market and they did a great job. Super responsive and took care of everything. Seems to be a great solution for any move-in or move-out home painting as they were quick to accommodate our timeline. I would definitely hire them again!
Cheryl Harris
Cheryl Harris
We had a great experience with Inti Painting. It was easy to get a quote and we had painters out in just a few days. Joffre´s workmanship was top notch and the job was completed in a professional and efficient manner. Highly recommended. Thank you!
Mort Nicholsen
Mort Nicholsen
Couldn't be happier with final results. They are simply the best interior painters I have had in years. Friend of mine recommended me Inti Painting. Jhonny and Joffre were very professional, on time and have a crew of professional painters. They gave me advice on color, texture and brand to use. I am so very happy with this company and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a top quality painting job at a fair price.
Kendra Hazelrigg
Kendra Hazelrigg
Highly recommend the team at Inti Painting. They were always responsive and professional from start to finish. We had some damaged drywall as well as a ceiling that needed repair. They fixed everything the right way and it looks like new. We had two rooms and a hallway painted and also had wallpaper removed. I would highly recommend Inti Painting to anyone looking for a topnotch paint job in connecticut.
Ettie Duggins
Ettie Duggins
Inti Painting did a great roof pressure washing on my house. Each step was quick and easy, from the estimate to the price and scheduling. They were quick to reply and easy to communicate with throughout the process. Happy customers and highly recommend them.
Heather McDowell
Heather McDowell
This company is the best in pressure washing. We experienced complete satisfaction from the estimate to final execution. Their detailed communication on what to expect, how to prepare, time of arrival, & payment process was streamlined to perfection. I will keep their magnet on my refrigerator to call them back in the future! Thank you!
Eric Rowe
Eric Rowe
Did an amazing job. Great communication and great job overall. Would definitely recommend them for all interior and exterior painting. Our place looks new! Thanks again, guys!
Steven Taylor
Steven Taylor
Inti Painting did a remarkable job on the exterior painting of our house. From the estimate through the completion of the project every person we met had excellent workmanship, and we enjoyed working with them. They painters were highly skilled, meticulous and dedicated from start to finish. They were also punctual, courteous, friendly, and well responsive. Overall, we had a superior experience with Inti Painting of Stamford and will highly recommend them to friends and neighbors!
Steven Hopkins
Steven Hopkins
Inti Painting is a very professional painting company. They painted my condo in Stamford. They did an amazing job! Very neat, fast and quality work. Also the price was fair as they used benjamin moore paints. Highly recommended!

Let's Work Together

If you are in search of the best painting company near, look no further than Inti Painting. Contact us for a quick free estimate and consultation.

Why Inti Painting?

Now that you know why you should hire a professional commercial painter, why should you trust us with your project?


We take pride in the fact that our commercial painting clients can count on us to do the right thing. We have insurance and are committed to keeping the work site clean and safe for our partners, clients, and their customers.  


We adhere to local laws to provide safe working conditions for our employees and have safety regulations that ensure these safe working conditions are maintained. 


We offer client-based services and strive to build lasting relationships with our clients. We have a solid reputation for the excellent work we’ve done, and you can trust us to complete your project successfully.  


We always work around your business time schedules to avoid disrupting the flow of business. We can develop a working schedule together and, with our experience, be out of your hair in record time.  

What to do before we arrive

Before we come in, you should prepare the space by doing the following: 

  • Provide our professional painters with the necessary blueprints of the building. Alternatively, you can schedule an on-site consultation with our painting experts, after which we’ll offer a non-obligatory quote. 
  • Move outdoor furniture, indoor furniture, cars, and other items that may get damaged. This allows us to complete the project successfully and safely. 
  • Ask any questions you might have. We are more than happy to keep you in the loop regarding the project’s budget, schedules, and tastes. Our commercial painters are knowledgeable and will provide you with all the information needed throughout the project.  
  • Aside from these, our professional painting team can handle the remaining preparations. We’ll cover technical equipment, furnishings, floors, computers, and any other delicate equipment or furniture with clean sheets or drop cloths to ensure they remain in tip-top shape. We are experienced in working around sensitive workplaces and around valuable. 

Wait no more

Procrastination is the thief of time. If you notice signs of aging on your exterior and interior walls that cleaning doesn’t remedy, it’s time to call us in. Speak to our professional painters and receive a project quote before the project starts. We’ll hold your hand throughout the project and ensure you get the best service.