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Wallpapers are aesthetically pleasing and provide a practical alternative to interior painting. If you have an old wallpaper that’s peeling or has an outdated design, you want it removed and replaced with a fresh design.

Inti Painting has got you covered whether you are looking for a new installation or removal of an old wallpaper design. We have a professional wallpaper removal and installation team and work with the best wallpaper brands.

Why Inti Painting?

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Discover the Perfect Wall Paper for You

Though Inti Painters offers wallpaper installation and removal services, we provide you with more than traditional wallpapers. We are a client-oriented company and, as such, are dedicated to ensuring you get the best wallpaper installed.

Below are some wallpaper types we work with grouped according to type, use, application, and material.  


  • Roll – these wallpapers are ideal for homes or office setups. They are easy to cut according to wall length, which helps to reduce wastage and saves money. When installing roll wallpapers, we are careful to ensure the sides match up. 
  • Sample – wallpapers can be a big commitment. Therefore, it’s a good idea to work with a sample that you can tape on the wall to have an idea of the effect it’ll achieve before committing. 
  • Border – border wallpapers are great when you want to add a splash of color and personality to a room without covering it all with wallpaper. Border wallpapers vary in size from thin to wide ornate designs that draw attention to themselves. They are ideal for hiding imperfections on the wall. 
  • Mural – these are a quick way of creating a beautiful and interesting look in a home. They are often large and come in different colors and designs to match different décor designs. They are perfect for an individual who’d love to infuse graphics in their space. 
  • Tiles – we recommend this type for individuals who need a fast change and don’t want to deal with long strips of wallpaper. They come with a peel and stick design, making them easy to install. 


  • Commercial – we recommend wallpapers that are durable and easier to clean.  These wallpaper need to be high quality as they’ll affect your client’s perception of the company. 
  • Residential – these come in different colors, designs, and styles. They are fairly durable with some care and maintenance. However, they aren’t as heavy-duty as commercial wallpapers.  


  • Washable – regardless of how clean you are, it’s always a good idea to get washable wallpaper, especially in the kid’s room or living room. 
  • Removable – when you get tired of your wallpaper, you’ll have to remove it before hanging the new wallpaper. Not all wallpapers are removable, which means you have a limited selection of style, color, and design. 
  • Strippable – many wallpapers are strippable which means removal takes time and requires special chemicals and tools. However, they offer more selections than removable wallpaper. 
  • Textured – they create an eye-catching effect, are affordable, and are easy to install. They are versatile and are great in hiding defects on the wall. 
  • Metallic – metallic wallpapers give a dramatic effect – like a pro painter worked on the wall. They are perfect on accent walls.  
  • Paintable – they are ideal if you’d like to add some texture but retain control over the color choice. Once you paint over it, it’ll pop and give a great effect. 
  • Repositionable – installing wallpaper is an intricate process. However, making mistakes is inevitable. Luckily, repositionable wallpaper makes addressing these errors faster and easier.
  • Moisture resistant – ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Even when they get wet, you don’t have to worry about them peeling off. 
  • Peel and stick – these are easy to position and install hence a quick fix for wall décor.
  • Vintage – they are a perfect way of adding life to a home. They are charming and easy to install too.  


  • Vinyl – these are popular wallpapers consisting of a paper layer, a back layer, and a plastic coating on top. They are washable and withstand sunlight without fading. They are inexpensive and easy to install.  
  • Paper – they are a good choice but not as durable as vinyl wallpaper.
  • Grasscloth – they infuse texture and are beautiful. They are long-lasting, and you can paint over them.  
  • Fabric – made from fabric and textile wallpaper and is sometimes laminated on regular wallpaper. It can be difficult to work with, but our team has experience working with it. 
  • Wood – they are made from wood veneer and aren’t too common. That said, they are a great way of infusing nature into your home.  
  • Flock – they are a perfect way of adding decorative highlights to your wall.  It has raised velvet pattern that’s soft to touch.

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Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Goldie Wyatt
Goldie Wyatt
We used Inti Painting to paint the ceiling of our condo before we put it on the market and they did a great job. Super responsive and took care of everything. Seems to be a great solution for any move-in or move-out home painting as they were quick to accommodate our timeline. I would definitely hire them again!
Cheryl Harris
Cheryl Harris
We had a great experience with Inti Painting. It was easy to get a quote and we had painters out in just a few days. Joffre´s workmanship was top notch and the job was completed in a professional and efficient manner. Highly recommended. Thank you!
Mort Nicholsen
Mort Nicholsen
Couldn't be happier with final results. They are simply the best interior painters I have had in years. Friend of mine recommended me Inti Painting. Jhonny and Joffre were very professional, on time and have a crew of professional painters. They gave me advice on color, texture and brand to use. I am so very happy with this company and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a top quality painting job at a fair price.
Kendra Hazelrigg
Kendra Hazelrigg
Highly recommend the team at Inti Painting. They were always responsive and professional from start to finish. We had some damaged drywall as well as a ceiling that needed repair. They fixed everything the right way and it looks like new. We had two rooms and a hallway painted and also had wallpaper removed. I would highly recommend Inti Painting to anyone looking for a topnotch paint job in connecticut.
Ettie Duggins
Ettie Duggins
Inti Painting did a great roof pressure washing on my house. Each step was quick and easy, from the estimate to the price and scheduling. They were quick to reply and easy to communicate with throughout the process. Happy customers and highly recommend them.
Heather McDowell
Heather McDowell
This company is the best in pressure washing. We experienced complete satisfaction from the estimate to final execution. Their detailed communication on what to expect, how to prepare, time of arrival, & payment process was streamlined to perfection. I will keep their magnet on my refrigerator to call them back in the future! Thank you!
Eric Rowe
Eric Rowe
Did an amazing job. Great communication and great job overall. Would definitely recommend them for all interior and exterior painting. Our place looks new! Thanks again, guys!
Steven Taylor
Steven Taylor
Inti Painting did a remarkable job on the exterior painting of our house. From the estimate through the completion of the project every person we met had excellent workmanship, and we enjoyed working with them. They painters were highly skilled, meticulous and dedicated from start to finish. They were also punctual, courteous, friendly, and well responsive. Overall, we had a superior experience with Inti Painting of Stamford and will highly recommend them to friends and neighbors!
Steven Hopkins
Steven Hopkins
Inti Painting is a very professional painting company. They painted my condo in Stamford. They did an amazing job! Very neat, fast and quality work. Also the price was fair as they used benjamin moore paints. Highly recommended!

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Why you should hire Init Painting Instead of DIY

With so many wallpaper DIY videos online, you might be tempted to turn it into a DIY project. While it’s understandable, below are reasons to hire us instead.  

  • Seam issues

When installing wallpaper, seam issues are a big problem that requires experience and skill to avoid. When you attempt to DIY:

  • The paste may dry on the wallpaper edges when booking
  • You might end up with loose or curling ends because you didn’t add sufficient adhesive or because of poor surface preparation. 
  • Patchy or streak look

This happens when the adhesive dries on top of the wallpaper, if the wall wasn’t primed properly or if the wallpaper you are installing is too transparent. 

  • Gaps between the strips

Strip gaps appear because of:

  • Poor surface preparation
  • The wallpaper drying too fast after wetting
  • Rough Appearance

Insufficient wall preparation could cause blisters and bubbles on the surface. Also, if you hand the paper in cold temperature or the strips don’t get enough time to dry.  

  • Not having enough material 

How much wallpaper do you need for the project? As professional wallpaper installers, we recommend getting 20-25% more wallpaper for every room to avoid a shortage of materials. 

  • Hanging wallpaper

Different wallpapers are hung differently. Our experience has granted us a unique opportunity to work with different wallpapers and learn the best installation process to ensure the best results. 

What Next?

If you are in search of the best wallpaper installers near me, look no further than Init Painting. We’ll install new wallpaper and remove old wallpapers successfully. Contact us for a quick estimate and consultation of your project.