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Inti Painting boasts a dedicated group of skilled and enthusiastic painters, ready to meet every one of your painting requirements. Our extensive array of painting services, both for residential and commercial spaces, is designed to fulfill the diverse needs of our valued clientele. These encompass

Interior Painting

Elevate the coziness and warmth of your home through interior painting.

Exterior Painting

Beyond enhancing the house’s appeal, exterior painting serves a protective purpose as well.

Wallpaper Installation

Wallpapers offer both aesthetic charm and the ability to conceal wall imperfections, providing a durable and pragmatic alternative to interior painting.

Drywall Repair

Unsightly damaged drywall can be a glaring eyesore, but we’re here to provide your home with a polished finish and a touch of elegance.

Power & Soft Washing

Enhance the curb appeal and value of your home by opting for pressure washing services on your house, fence, driveway, or roof.

Cabinet Painting

Revitalize your cabinets with our professional interior cabinet refinishing and painting solutions.

Fine Paints of Europe

Being a certified painter, we take pleasure in utilizing these coatings and have expertise in their precise application, ensuring optimal outcomes in terms of aesthetics and long-lasting performance.

Painter for a Day

Embrace our Painter for the Day initiative and watch your extensive to-do list disappear.

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Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Goldie Wyatt
Goldie Wyatt
We used Inti Painting to paint the ceiling of our condo before we put it on the market and they did a great job. Super responsive and took care of everything. Seems to be a great solution for any move-in or move-out home painting as they were quick to accommodate our timeline. I would definitely hire them again!
Cheryl Harris
Cheryl Harris
We had a great experience with Inti Painting. It was easy to get a quote and we had painters out in just a few days. Joffre´s workmanship was top notch and the job was completed in a professional and efficient manner. Highly recommended. Thank you!
Mort Nicholsen
Mort Nicholsen
Couldn't be happier with final results. They are simply the best interior painters I have had in years. Friend of mine recommended me Inti Painting. Jhonny and Joffre were very professional, on time and have a crew of professional painters. They gave me advice on color, texture and brand to use. I am so very happy with this company and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a top quality painting job at a fair price.
Kendra Hazelrigg
Kendra Hazelrigg
Highly recommend the team at Inti Painting. They were always responsive and professional from start to finish. We had some damaged drywall as well as a ceiling that needed repair. They fixed everything the right way and it looks like new. We had two rooms and a hallway painted and also had wallpaper removed. I would highly recommend Inti Painting to anyone looking for a topnotch paint job in connecticut.
Ettie Duggins
Ettie Duggins
Inti Painting did a great roof pressure washing on my house. Each step was quick and easy, from the estimate to the price and scheduling. They were quick to reply and easy to communicate with throughout the process. Happy customers and highly recommend them.
Heather McDowell
Heather McDowell
This company is the best in pressure washing. We experienced complete satisfaction from the estimate to final execution. Their detailed communication on what to expect, how to prepare, time of arrival, & payment process was streamlined to perfection. I will keep their magnet on my refrigerator to call them back in the future! Thank you!
Eric Rowe
Eric Rowe
Did an amazing job. Great communication and great job overall. Would definitely recommend them for all interior and exterior painting. Our place looks new! Thanks again, guys!
Steven Taylor
Steven Taylor
Inti Painting did a remarkable job on the exterior painting of our house. From the estimate through the completion of the project every person we met had excellent workmanship, and we enjoyed working with them. They painters were highly skilled, meticulous and dedicated from start to finish. They were also punctual, courteous, friendly, and well responsive. Overall, we had a superior experience with Inti Painting of Stamford and will highly recommend them to friends and neighbors!
Steven Hopkins
Steven Hopkins
Inti Painting is a very professional painting company. They painted my condo in Stamford. They did an amazing job! Very neat, fast and quality work. Also the price was fair as they used benjamin moore paints. Highly recommended!

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Enhance Your Space with Professional Painting Services in Westchester NY

When it comes to transforming the aesthetic appeal of your property, few things make as significant an impact as a fresh coat of paint. Whether you’re looking to rejuvenate your home’s interiors or give your business a facelift, professional painting services can make all the difference. In Westchester, a name that stands out in the world of painting is Inti Painting. With their expertise and commitment to quality, they have become a go-to choice for individuals and businesses seeking to elevate their spaces.

Why Choose Inti Painting?

A Legacy of Excellence

Inti Painting boasts a rich legacy of excellence in the field of painting services. With years of experience under their belt, they have honed their skills to perfection, making them a trusted name in Westchester and beyond. Their dedication to quality craftsmanship shines through in every project they undertake, be it residential, commercial, or industrial.

Expert Team of Painters

At the heart of Inti Painting’s success is their team of expert painters. These professionals bring not only their technical expertise but also a passion for their craft. Trained in the latest techniques and equipped with the finest tools, the painters at Inti Painting approach each project with an eye for detail and a commitment to delivering impeccable results. Their skills extend beyond just applying paint – they are adept at understanding color theory, surface preparation, and the nuances of various painting mediums.

Comprehensive Residential Painting Services

Transforming Homes, One Brushstroke at a Time

Your home is your haven, and Inti Painting understands the importance of creating a living space that reflects your personality and style. Their residential painting services encompass a wide array of options, from refreshing the walls with a new color to intricate faux finishes that add a touch of luxury. Whether it’s a single room or your entire home, Inti Painting approaches each project with care and precision.

Personalized Color Consultation

Choosing the right color palette can be a daunting task. Inti Painting offers personalized color consultation services to help you navigate through the myriad of choices. Their experts take into account your preferences, the existing décor, and the lighting conditions to suggest colors that resonate with your vision. This ensures that the final result not only looks stunning but also creates the desired ambiance.

Commercial and Industrial Painting Excellence

Elevating Workspaces for Maximum Impact

First impressions matter, and the aesthetics of your commercial or industrial space can greatly influence how clients, customers, and employees perceive your business. Inti Painting’s commercial and industrial painting services go beyond just aesthetics – they are designed to enhance your brand image and create a conducive environment for productivity.

Minimal Disruption, Maximum Results

Understanding the operational demands of businesses, Inti Painting works with efficiency and precision to minimize disruption to your workflow. Their team collaborates closely with clients to create a painting schedule that aligns with business hours, ensuring that the project is completed seamlessly. With an emphasis on using low-odor and quick-drying paints, they prioritize both quality and minimal impact on daily operations.

Commitment to Sustainability

Painting with a Green Touch

In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, Inti Painting sets itself apart by incorporating sustainable practices into their services. They offer eco-friendly paint options that not only beautify your space but also contribute to a healthier environment. These paints are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), reducing indoor air pollutants and promoting indoor air quality.

Responsible Disposal Practices

Beyond the application process, Inti Painting ensures responsible disposal of leftover paint and materials. This commitment to eco-friendly practices extends the positive impact of their services beyond aesthetics, showcasing their dedication to a greener future.

Inti Painting brings more than just color to the canvas of your spaces. Their legacy of excellence, expert team of painters, and commitment to quality, sustainability, and client satisfaction make them a standout choice for painting services in Westchester. Whether you’re envisioning a fresh look for your home or aiming to redefine your business environment, Inti Painting has the expertise to transform your vision into a vibrant reality. Elevate your space with a stroke of artistic brilliance – choose Inti Painting today.


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